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11:28pm 17/11/2010
  HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!  
new to the area. anyone near charlotte? 
10:25am 11/10/2008
  1. Name- Nick
2. City (State, if not from NC)- Rockhill SC (just south of Charlotte)
3. Fav. Bands- too many (punk, oi, rockabilly, ska, so on ans so forth
4. School/Workplace- part of Westinghouse
5. Tattoos - not yet but I will be covered
6. Piercings- not into them
7. Hobbies- Old cars, motorcycles, videogames
8. Fav. Quote-"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone."
9. Fav. Movies-  I love all kinds
10. Fav. Hangout Place- I don't really know anything good around here
FREE SHOW 8/12! Curiosity & ToyBox Theatre! 
01:29am 12/09/2007

FREE SHOW at The Rock Shop in Fayetteville! All Ages! 8/12!
Gothic Industrial Music a la Rasputina and The Dresden Dolls...
Puppetry and Performance Art...
All The Way From Chicago...

Student Organization 
03:11pm 30/09/2006

A friend and I are trying to get a new student organization started for alternative thinking people, those who don't fit in, anyone who hates working for a big corporations and general weirdos. We're just getting started, but we have half a website so far and two of the eight members we need for recognition. This is going to be an organization where you can choose to either get heavily involved in it or simply join up to show your support for something different, and nothing more. It's totally free and it can be about anything you want it to be about, because really it's just about individuality, freedom, originality and getting people to actually think for themselves.

This is our (pretty crap so far but hopefully soon to get better) website:

renegademonkeys.talkhost.info (our constitution is under "info," which is pretty much all that's on there so far)

Email me at renegademonkeysgroup@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to be a founding member. We're *trying* to get free t-shirts for founders, to spread the word of our club.
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Intrested in meeting new people! 
12:15am 18/04/2006
mood: awake
1. Bejipan for now, unless you get to know me better ^_~
2. Knightdale, NC
3. Rock, Techno, Synthpop, Industiral, Punk, Electronica, 80's, Ska & more
4. High School
5. Planning on getting at least one
6. 8; 1 Belly, 1 Daith & 6 Ear lobe
7. Messing around one the computer, listening to music, reading, procrastinating, working on my Japanese, dying my hair, sewing, watching the scenery, walking around, listening to my friends and giving advice
8. There are too many good quotes to choose
9. Labyrinth
10. Friend's houses

An image of me from November:

Normally my hair is blue, though. Plus, it's longer now.
04:35pm 29/12/2005

11:15pm 08/12/2005
  Hey ~ My name is Mel. I'm 21 and I just recently moved to Charlotte. I'm into the fetish, D/s, goth, alternative lifestyle "scene." Wondering if anyone has any ideas/suggestions of some cool things to do/see here. Looking for someone to talk to and maybe hang-out with. If anyone else is interested in in the fetish scene, here's a cool event hosted/produced by some friends of mine.

I hope to meet some people soon!
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03:36pm 19/10/2005
mood: crappy
1. Name: Chris
2. City (State, if not from NC): Gastonia is home but i am at UNCC
3. Fav. Bands: don't really listen to much music
4. School/Workplace: UNCC, no idea what i'm doing with my life
5. Tattoos: just half of a tribal arm band...need to finish it and already know of 2 more i'm getting done
6. Piercings: just my ear...no piercing in right now
7. Hobbies: hanging out online, brooding, talking onling
8. Fav. Quote: "Nothing amazing happens here. Everything is ordinary."
9. Fav. Movies: FLCL, FF VII: Advent Children, Alien-Aliens 3
10. Fav. Hangout Place: home - - dorm
09:15pm 04/08/2005
mood: content

1. Jordan "Jai" Church
2. Boone, NC
3. Coheed and Cambria, Voltaire, Crüxshadows, Orgy, GWAR, Strapping Young Lad, etc...
4. Watauga High, senior
5. Three - Jack Skellington, small heart outline, star outline
6. Eight - 2 lip, 3 ear, tongue, nostril, smiley
7. DDR, music, art
8. N/A
9. Donnie Darko, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Napoleon Dynamite
10. Regal @ New Market Center, or the ASU gameroom, cause there's DDR there!!

PictureCollapse )
05:26pm 06/07/2005
  1. Name: Ducky or Jen
2. City (State, if not from NC): Statesville, NC.
3. Fav. Bands: Ermhm. Bright Eyes, Better Than Ezra, Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, that stuff.
4. School/Workplace: I'm not sure where I'm going.
5. Tattoos: None at the moment.
6. Piercings: My lip, my belly button, my ears (twice).
7. Hobbies: skateboarding, playing guitar, swimming, running, and hanging out with people.
8. Fav. Quote: "Rawr." or "damn..."
9. Fav. Movies: Saved!, American Pie, Gypsy '83 (I demand you to see this.)
10. Fav. Hangout Place: gas stations, wyatts grille.

Aiy, pictures.

her body spins, as she pirouettes again
I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one.

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dont forget tonight fetish party x-posted 
07:35am 30/04/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  
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10:27am 26/04/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  
12:14am 18/04/2005
  Fetish Party at V.i.P on the 30th
flyer will come soon
sorry for the x-post
04:17pm 05/04/2005
  Is anyone a drummer or do you happen to know any drummers in the Asheville area (or willing to get here for practice 1/2 times a week) to play in a serious local black/death metal band?

yet another industrial night at the club :D 
12:31pm 21/03/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is free before 11 so get there early :D
Test night for weekly event 
04:38am 08/02/2005
01:30am 31/01/2005
  Sunday February 20th:
DOORS - 8:00PM ADMISSION: $5 (+3 Under 21)

ASYLUM - Goth Industrial Night

$2 OFF Before 10:00PM

@ The soap box laundrolounge- wilmington, nc

Come out wherever you are!

help please 
02:13pm 19/01/2005
  Hi everyone please cross poat this to as many places as you can because i dont have internet at the apartment right now so i cant spam the hell outta this unless im over at a friends so please help here is the pixor

and here is the code it you want to use it just put a < and that > around it
img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v132/DJbeestie/clubkidflyer01sm.jpg"
11:05am 18/01/2005
mood: bored
1. Name- Theresa STephenson
2. City (State, if not from NC)-Statesville. nc
3. Fav. Bands- Korn, Death Cab For Cutie, the killers, alot of diff. shit
4. School/Workplace- statesville sr. high ( senior)
5. Tattoos - ankle
6. Piercings- double zeros and 4 other holes on ear
7. Hobbies- smoking pot, haham, alot of shit , reading..
8. Fav. Quote-"instincts are misleading, you shouldnt think what you are feeling, they dont tell you, what you know you should want" DCFC
9. Fav. Movies- 21 grams, half baked, HP, LOTR, sleepy hollow, any thing with JD
10. Fav. Hangout Place- my room, smokin a bowl, i dont like goin out alot and doing shit