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Intrested in meeting new people!

1. Bejipan for now, unless you get to know me better ^_~
2. Knightdale, NC
3. Rock, Techno, Synthpop, Industiral, Punk, Electronica, 80's, Ska & more
4. High School
5. Planning on getting at least one
6. 8; 1 Belly, 1 Daith & 6 Ear lobe
7. Messing around one the computer, listening to music, reading, procrastinating, working on my Japanese, dying my hair, sewing, watching the scenery, walking around, listening to my friends and giving advice
8. There are too many good quotes to choose
9. Labyrinth
10. Friend's houses

An image of me from November:

Normally my hair is blue, though. Plus, it's longer now.
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